Meet Suzanne

suzanne websiteOriginally from New Jersey, my family moved to Vermont when I was 4.  I was raised in the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont, with my 4 brothers, before obtaining my Bachelor’s degree in Nursing at Colby Sawyer College, in New London New Hampshire.

As a young nurse, I worked for 13 years in critical care with infants and their families in the Neonatal ICU. I often would help in Pediatrics and the Pediatric ICU and had the opportunity to participate in high-risk neonatal transports, on the ground and air.

My critical care experience offered me the opportunity to enter the homes of families, caring for their children with severe developmental and medical conditions. I have always enjoyed working with individuals and families as they work for their own best wellness and strive for meaning and balance in their lives.

After graduating from the University of Vermont with my Master’s degree in Nursing.  I  worked in numerous schools in the Upper Valley, providing education, acute, and primary care, often to those without access to a primary care provider. I find it very rewarding to know I am making a difference in the lives of individuals and families.

Over the past 8 years, I have been providing Primary Care in a college setting as well as in the community. I have observed that despite increasing access to health insurance, many continue to be without access to a Primary Care Provider.  My philosophy of care is that if individuals have access to a safe health care environment, health education, and a provider with compassion, they will respond in kindness and strive to meet their health care goals.


I have learned immensely from my patients and their families as well as from my husband of 28 years, 2 grown sons, and my 3 beloved cats. There are many positive ways to live a meaningful life and often the answers are not in a book. I am hugely motivated to empower my patients to make knowledgeable healthcare choices, with a focus on self care, while obtaining the healthcare resources needed to achieve their goals.

In my spare time, I love to read historical fiction, travel to faraway lands and explore their culture, gardening at my home in Hartland, Vermont, skating and skiing during the winter months. Some days you may find me roller skating on new pavement and I am always up to a new theater performance in the Upper Valley and beyond.


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